Exploring the Best Museums and Galleries in London, England

Explore some of London's best museums & galleries including Science Museum Museum Of London National Gallery Covent Garden Imperial War Museum Royal Academy Tate Modern & more.

Exploring the Best Museums and Galleries in London, England

Everything wonderful that man has done is here, in the Science Museum. Countless amazing exhibits, many of which are interactive, are organized in a minefield of galleries spread over seven floors, and there are children with eyes the size of a flat plate scattered everywhere. Expect charming shrieks and children scurrying with each other until the virtual reality space descent. The history of London, from prehistory to the present day, is told at the Museum of London through reconstructed interiors and street scenes, along with exhibits of original artifacts found during the museum's archaeological excavations throughout the city.

It's a strange throwback to when going to museums in the capital was a less extravagant activity. You can see the principles on which the collection was based and the underlying desire to represent the history of the capital in all areas of life. Plus, it's next to the Barbican, which is always a fun place to walk around. The branch of the Docklands Museum in London is also fascinating, with a revealing permanent gallery about London and the slave trade.

A first-class art institution with totally free admission in the heart of Trafalgar Square is the National Gallery. Founded in 1824, it houses more than 2000 works by artists such as da Vinci, van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Turner, Picasso, Matisse and Cézanne. To learn more about the most acclaimed works of art in the world and even try your luck drawing in galleries, this is an ideal place to visit. Step into the historic transport hub of Covent Garden and you'll be left alone by a true train spotter.

Okay, maybe you won't be in a hurry next to the track, with your notebook in hand, but you'll be surprised by the wonders that are the vintage red Routemasters, the first subway trains, the maps, the transport signs and the uniforms. In addition, there are a beautiful variety of posters, works of art and photographs showing London from 1860 to the present day. In addition to first-class exhibits, a single ticket allows you access to several tours throughout a year. The London home of architect Sir John Soane, who designed the Bank of England, the Dulwich Picture Gallery and many other important buildings is another must-see museum.

Soane (1753-183) obsessively collected art, furniture and architectural ornamentation. In the 19th century he converted his house into a museum, to which he said that “fans and students should have access”. The result is this perfectly incredible place where visitors can see more than just his collection; they can also admire his decor which includes mirrors and light pits channeling and directing daylight as well as walls opening up like cabinets to display paintings (Canaletto, Turner, Hogarth). The monument's courtyard contains an alabaster sarcophagus so thin that it is almost translucent carved for Pharaoh Seti I (1291-78 BC).

C.). Upon entering the Arabian Hall one can almost expect a merchant dressed in fez to hand them a glass of mint tea! At the end of a quiet side street in Holland Park lies Leighton House which seems to be a fairly standard-looking Victorian house on first glance. However its interiors were so exaggerated that even his biographer questioned his British character sure that he must have something of that cowardly foreign blood running through his veins! Maybe it was its ceramic tile walls gold-painted dome or stained glass windows that caused all this fuss! Whatever it is it shows that glitz existed in London as early as 1830s! In early 19th century art enthusiast Sir Francis Bourgeois ordered his entire collection to be converted into a gallery open to public and carefully selected architect John Soane to create Dulwich Picture Gallery from scratch. Look up and one can see for themselves innovative techniques Soane used to bathe entire gallery in sunlight which became prototype for all galleries today! Even so don't forget to look down to see great Baroque masterpieces lining walls and mausoleum Soane designed for his friend and patron! The Courtauld Gallery housing simply charming art collection is one of most popular museums in London and one of best places in world to view Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings! The British Museum one of largest busiest and most popular museums in United Kingdom is impressive to visit and houses one of largest collections in world! Whatever interests you you're likely to find impressive collection at one of London's best museums! Located in what was once headquarters of Royal Bethlem Hospital (psychiatric center better known as Bedlam) and flanked by naval guns Imperial War Museum explores role British troops have played in conflicts crossing generations and countries! Located in what was once hospital Imperial War Museum in London offers fascinating insight into war and its impact! There are plenty fantastic places to explore UK capital and London's best museums deserve special trip! The museum which documents history aviation and aviation in United Kingdom has one largest best collections military aircraft world! Founded by artists architects 1760s Royal Academy has been at its current headquarters Burlington House for more than 150 years recently been expanded include former Museum Humanity Burlington Gardens! In South Bank Tate Modern is not only one best museums London but also one most visited museums world! Another house-museum hybrid this time with residence fictitious family devised by eccentric Dennis Severs who lived this house East End 1970s right in...